Live-Tweeting Game 3 of the NBA Finals

I have always been a basketball fan. I grew up going to Marquette men’s basketball games in the Bradley Center. I’ve loved Jimmy Butler and Jae Crowder since there college basketball days at Marquette, so it is exciting to watch them kill it in the NBA Finals.

Like I said, I love basketball and I always tune into the games, no matter the team. This year was a little different. After the Bucks lost, I had to find a new team to cheer for and that was an easy choice, Miami Heat. I knew about there team and there skill, because I have been following them a little, but I never looked at there Twitter content during games, nor have I ever been active on Twitter while watching a game.

I was a little nervous to start live-tweeting. I have never done it before, but after I sent my first tweet out, I started to realize there was nothing to worry about!

I started to have fun with the Tweeting and looked up hashtags that were being used besides the main #NBAFinals. I also started tagging players, in hopes of getting some sort of traction from others, which worked! Though none of the actual players responded, I did get a response from a random guy in Germany, which I thought was pretty exciting. I really did not expect any responses, especially from random people. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the notification that some guy commented on one of my Tweets and decided to respond.

Here is the screenshot from the back and forth. He also liked another tweet of mine.

It was all very respectful and innocent, but it had some sort of thrill! It was a cool experience to talk to another basketball fan that had a different feeling than I did. Also, the fact that I was not expecting anything, made it even better. I think the Twitter community is very opening and it is a good spot to voice your opinion and interact with others around the world. I could see some people were getting more intense, but overall I think any fan can live tweet and they will have a positive experience.

During time outs, I would go to the Lakers or Miami’s Twitter pages and look what they were tweeting out during the game. I saw a lot of different graphics and photos of players with updates on points and stats, which was helpful as a viewer. They would also use twitter to poke fun at some of there players or praise them. I really liked the humor posts, because it showed the players in a different light.

I was nervous on how frequently I was tweeting. I did not know if I was doing to much or if i could tweet more. There's a balance that no one really knows, so you kind of have to figure it out on your own. From what I could tell, you can pretty much do what you want, but some of your followers might get annoyed. I actually had one of my friends text me and ask why I was tweeting so much, so I semi took that as “slow it down,” but then I realized she probably was just confused.

I definitely will be live tweeting more events. I think it gives people a different perspective, but also keeps the audience more involved. It would be interesting to see the difference between live tweeting an event I am at rather than on TV, so maybe after COVID i’ll have to try that!