Allie Fritsch

Influence holds a lot of power these days, especially on social media. Who we follow and what they do, influences our personal actions. We follow these accounts specifically because we like who they are and what they do, so we want to mimic that. I purposefully follow certain types of influencers to see how they live their lives and try to take some of their aesthetic and tips too implement in my life. Those influences would have never happened if I never clicked follow.

One of the types of influencers I follow are beauty/fashion girls. I love staying up to date on trends and I find that looking to these influencers will help with that. We all know they are given tools galore and sponsorship after sponsorship, so they have all the necessary tools and skills to get the best end product, making it more appealing to someone like me to look to for advice.

Another type of influencer I follow is overall lifestyle. I like to follow multiple lifestyle influencers to keep me motivated. I always see them living their best life: eating healthy, working out, doing fun activities and such. I have the idea in my head that if I constantly see those positive vibes, then I’ll start to implement that into my own life. I am big into positive vibes/messages recently (thanks to covid), so I find that lifestyle influencers influence me to have that sort of positive lifestyle, but still make it my own. In a way, they kind of seem like a life coach. They help keep me positive and will post tips that are currently working for them. Influencers then go into how someone can translate that to their life, which I find to be helpful because sometimes it is hard to find a starting point.


One influencer that I have been following for a while now is Gretchen Geraghty. She is a fashion, beauty, lifestyle, fitness, and travel youtuber/influencer. She is not as popular as some influencers, but she has a strong following that has been growing for years. I find that she influences me a lot. When it comes to her lifestyle, I like to listen to her tips and think how I can implement that to my life in Milwaukee. She is around my age, which makes her a lot more relatable. Relatability is something that matters to me when it comes to influencers, because I am not going to be influenced by someone I cannot relate to.